12 Phrases for getting around Hongdae

Image Of Myoung Dong Korea, by fiiisinkorea
Image by fiiisinkorea.

While a lot of young Koreans speak english it can be valuable to know a few basic Korean words and phrases. Not only will it help you communicate with those who don’t speak the english language it will also endear you to those who do. Maybe you can even make a new Korean friend!

These basic phrases will get you started. There are also a few good learning resources online (Link at bottom of article).

We have provided the English, hangul and romanisation version of the phrase. Hangul is the native language of Korea, if you can read hangul it will make it easier for your pronunciation and the Romanisation is just an approximation.

Without further ado lets get down to our basic Korean phrases list.

English: Excuse me.
Hangul: 실례합니다
Romanisation: Shil-Le-Hap-Ni-Da

Do you speak english?
영어를 하실 줄 아세요?
Yong-Oh-Roohl Ha-Shil-Joohl Ah-Se-Yo?

English: Hello / Goodbye
Hangul: 안녕하세요
Romanisation: An-Nyoung Ha-Sae-Yo

English: Nice to meet you.
Hangul: 만나서 반갑습니다
Romanisation: Man-Na-Seoh Pan-Kap-Seum-Ni-Da

English: My name is Name.
Hangul: 제 이름은 Name 입니다
Romanisation: Jeh I-Eeum-Eun Name Im-Ni-Dah

English: Where is Place?
Hangul: Place 어디에 있어요?
Romanisation: Place Oddi-e Is-So-Yo?

English: How to I go to Place?
Hangul: Place에 어떻게 가요?
Romanisation: Place-e Ot-to-ke -kayo?

English: Where is the hongdae subway station?
Hangul: 홍대입구역 어디에 있어요?
Romanisation: Hong-Dae-Ipgu-Yok Oddi-e Is-So-Yo?

English: Help me!
Romanisation:Doe Wa Ju Sae Yo!

English: This Please.
Hangul: 이것 주세요
Romanisation: I-got Choo Sae Yo.

English: I understand.
Hangul: 이해합니다
Romanisation: I-Hae-Hap-Ni-Da

English: Thank you.
Hangul: 감사합니다
Romanisation: Kam-Sa-Hap-NiDa.

That’s it, while this is hardly a comprehensive list we hope it gives you a good starting point for your journey to Hongdae and around Seoul.

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