Review: Cafe Sukkara


Walking in I was immediately struck by the interior design.
It is excellent. A good designer knows that the design has to match what the place offers. And this designer has done exactly that. Freshfood is on display the use of wood gives the place a wholly organic feel.

What I really loved about the design was that the staff work in the middle of the restaurant so you can easily watch them preparing orders from other customers. Its really mesmerising, great if you are their on your own as I was.

1This is an organic restaurant so everything they serve is super fresh. I had the bread platter and it was simple but delicious. Felt like I added a few years to my life right there. I also got the cheese cake which I found slightly disappointing, so I would go for another desert. What I would recommend is their drink menu, is very interesting and I doubt you could get something similar at many other places in Seoul.

The down side of the place is the price, my meal was 12,000w which is steep for Hongdae. If your on a tight budget could be best to give this place a skip.

Defiantly a great place toeat. Go.