Before you can have fun in Hongdae you have to get there first. Fortunately Seoul has some of the best public transportation in the world so it really is easy to get started.

In our time living in Seoul we have only ever used the subway system. Because of this we recommend this method to you. It’s safe, fast, and once you get the hang of it very easy indeed.

There are a few different subways stations that service Hongdae and the areas surrounding it.

The main ones you will use are.

– 홍대입구 Hong-Dae-Ip-Gu

– 신존 Shin-Chon

– 합정 Hap-Cheong

Of these by far the most common will be 홍대입구. So for the purpose of this guide we will use 홍대입구 as our reference point.

Paying for public transport

If you are staying in Korea for more than a few days, then we recommend you buy a T-Money card. More information about the T-Money card can be found here

From the Airports (Incheon and Gimpo):

If you have just arrived in Seoul and your hostel or hotel is in the Hongdae area then we recommend you take the Airport Railroad provided by the Korean Subway system. This takes you directly to 홍대입구 (Hongdae’s main station), is inexpensive (3850won) and reliable. Specific times and a subway map can be found here.

In most cases your accommodation provider will give you specific instructions on how to reach their exact location. if they haven’t provided you adequate information be sure to contact them and ask for details.