Hongdae Flea Market (Free Market)

The Hongdae style originated from the many nearby universities that surround the Hongdae area. The closest and most important of these was Hongik university. Located right in the heart of Hongdae the university is recognised as one of the best art and design schools in South Korea. Having see some of the work that the students produce it’s easy to see why.

The Hongdae Flea Market (Free Market) is situated very close to the entrance to Hongik at the Hongdae Playground(Hongdae Norito). This Market is a showcase for the artists and designers that helped make hongdae such a cultural hub. If you are in Hongdae on a Saturday then this place you simply must visit.

There is also Music played later in the day (They ask for money at the end if you want to support them).

Free Market Information:
– Saturday: 13:00 – 18:00
– Between March and November.
Korean Website (no English)

Cover up: If you’re in Hongdae during summer make sure you bring a hat an umbrella and wear a lot of sunscreen. There are a few trees around but most of the Market is in the open and you will be either burnt or soaked. (Korean summers are hot and wet).
Know a little Korean: Brush up on your Korean before heading to the Market, a lot of the store owners can’t speak much English if any at all.