As a center for backpackers and young travelers Hongdae has many guesthouses to choose from. This is a good thing as the competition ensures most places are of high standard and low cost. Here’s our guide for selecting the perfect guesthouse in Hongdae for your needs.

Selecting a Location:

Hongdae is part of Mapo-gu when selecting a guesthouse you want to check for this area first.
The address system used in Korea can be quite confusing. Part of this arises from a redefining of the precinct (dong) within Seoul in 2008. Basically this resulted in the classification of different areas differing from there street address. This can be a problem if you are looking at the location of your guesthouse on a map and it seems to be in a different place to the address. This is perfectly normal don’t worry. Check out this link for more information on the specific precincts within Mapo-gu.

If it’s address is not in Mapo-gu then it will be quite a trip to get into the center of Hongdae (at least 15 minutes walk) this is OK if your staying there in the spring or fall (autumn) but can be very annoying in the very hot and wet summer, or very cold winter.
Hongdae is very busy at all hours of the night. If you are a active person then we recommend selecting a hostel very close to the center of Hongdae to take advantage of this. However If you are a bit quieter, and enjoy a good sleep then make sure you don’t select a hostel in the main streets of Hongdae (We have attached a map to help you identify the most busy Hongdae areas.

Map of busiest streets in Hongdae: Red: Extremely Busy. Blue: Busy

Map of busiest streets in Hongdae: Red: Extremely Busy. Blue: Busy


Wi-Fi is everywhere in Korea and it’s really fast. Almost all guesthouses will offer Wi-Fi as part of the package. They will all be as fast as you could possibly want to you won’t have a problem no matter where you choose.

Korean Bathrooms:

The Korean bathroom is a little different to where I grew up (Australia), and other western countries. In the majority of guesthouses the bathroom and shower will be one room. That means when you shower everything gets wet (including the toilet). If this kind of thing isn’t for you then either make sure they have a seperate shower or maybe select a hotel style accomodation.


Hongik Station exit 9 is the primary exit: Often accomidation will mention that they are 1 or 2 minutes walk from Hongik station. Make sure that you check that this is exit 9. In most cases it will be another exit. Exit 3 is about 10 minutes walk from exit 3. Remeber to factor this into your decision.

Breakfast is very basic: Don’t expect to get a wide variety of breakfasts from the hostel. Most of the time breakfast is whitebread with Jam. If you want a healthy breakfast you are going to have to bring your own.