Review: BaB restaurant


Bibimbab although a Korean classic dish can be difficult to find. Most of the restaurants either won’t serve it, or  serve the cheapest possible version.

Luckily I happened upon BaB restaurant. This place does Bibimbap as I imagined it, complete with a HUGE selection of side dishes.  Make sure you bring a friend or you will have trouble finishing it all.


The design is homely and the staff not the young hip things you find elsewhere in the middle of Hongdae. This all adds to the mystique. I really felt like I was having an authentic Korean dish.

The price is manageable at 7000won. It’s not the cheapest Bibimbap you can find, but as I mentioned, that is certainly a good thing. And when you add the sides it ends up being great value.


Don’t expect to use English, this place has lots of staff, but I didn’t hear an English word spoken by of any of them.

Location is great. It’s right next to the Hongdae Nortio (Location of the Saturday art market) so it’s easy to drop by before you start your night out.

Definitely get dinner here one night.