Review: Coffee Lab

Coffee Lab indoor 2

The dull yellow glow of the tungsten lights gave the place a cave like feeling. A cool coffee cave like feeling! This is one place that is never quiet. Coming in the daytime is best if you definitely want a table as the place is normally full in the evenings.

Coffee Lab indoor 1

The coffee was good. Not fantastic. But in the end that’s only a small part of a good cafe experience. And this place feels like the coffee is excellent. It gives you the feeling of quality which makes the average prices feel like good value, 5000w- and up for a coffee. My recommendation, if you’re over 18, is the adults only section of the menu, mixtures of alcohol and coffee. I had an Irish Coffee and it was really good.

The design is a delicate mix of the old and the new. They work together brilliantly. And the place attracts a stylish crowd of people.

Coffee Lab ceiling

Another thing that makes this place stand out is the staff. They are all men, they all dress in the same great uniform, and although not particularly friendly they provide good service.  Numerous times I saw them open the door for customers.